School Supplies

From nursery school to university and further – supplies for all ages

Today a schoolchild with a bag, tomorrow a creator of the future!

We share a mission with parents and teachers – to enable every child to write out their own bright story. If there was no school, there would be no playful breaks or school friendships, which sometimes last throughout life, and knowledge that opens the way to a happy and contented adulthood.


From nursery school to university and further – supplies for all ages

If notebooks are attractive, schoolchildren are more keen to take them in hand. If pens are suitable, even in less skillful little hands, they glide smoothly and capture the correct shape of letter on paper. If folders are high quality, they don't already have frayed edges at the end of September. If bags are carefully selected, they protect the spine. We all have to go to school, but good school supplies help to make school obligations easier and more pleasant, and increase the knowledge in our minds.

School bags and rucksacks

Spine-friendly, light and high quality. For children of all ages. On wheels or without.

Pencil cases

For all the contents that belong and all that schoolchildren cram inside. All shapes and sizes. Cute designs for girls and cool designs for boys.

Everything to fill pencil cases

Pencils, fountain pens, coloured pencils, felt tip pens, rubbers, pencil sharpeners, scissors, glue, compasses…Will the pencil case be big enough?

Everything for artwork

Watercolours, tempera, crayons, Indian ink and coloured paper, paintbrushes and palettes…for all promising Picassos.

Slippers and slipper bags

So children are as comfortable in school as … in slippers. And slip-resistant and sweat-free too.

Calculators, computer equipment

For doing sums and calculating … pocket money. For making and printing posters to get top marks.

Collections of favourite superheroes

Because it's really cool if your favourite cartoon or film superhero accompanies you to school too. Every day!

Exercise books, folders, notebooks

Exercise books with pages that don't leave traces from writing, and folders that don't curl up at the edges.

Photos are for information purposes only. Not all items are always available in all outlets. Contact your nearest Mladinska knjiga store for more information.

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