For whatever occasion and for whoever – come to Mladinska knjiga to buy gifts.

Gifts with lasting and deep value

Gifts for birthdays, name days, important events, important milestones, business achievements and special opportunities. Gifts to make someone's day or as a sign of affection. Gifts for talented children, picky young misses, ladies with refined taste, vibrant young men and practical gentlemen.


Give a book as a gift

For many, a book is the best present. By giving a book, you are giving imagination, new knowledge, relaxation, a break and an escape. Books make the everyday easier and expand one's soul. They provide a window into the world or to the depth's of one's soul. By giving a book, you are giving a good story, and in doing so you are wishing a good life.

The right gift excites the eyes, feeds the soul and fills the heart

Knjige, darila, igrače
Books, magazines, games

For inspiration and knowledge. For enjoyment, entertainment, play and dreams. Presents that last forever for all generations.

Darilni izdelki za dom in pisarno
Decorative items for the home and office

Help bring soul to a room: with posters, stickers, candles and scents, small fancy goods and more.

Koledarji, rokovniki, notesniki, beležke
Calendars, personal organisers, notebooks

Including unique, personalised items designed especially for you.

Darila iz Mladinske knjige: steklo in keramika
Glass, ceramicware and wood with a story

A favourite mug for coffee. A plate that is also a beautiful decoration. A glass for luck. Elegant. Different.

Darilni seti za božična darila
Gift sets

Beautifully wrapped selected items for various opportunities and tastes, which are ready to give.

Writing implements, for heartfelt thoughts

Quality pens, pencils and other writing implements for writing new knowledge, inspirational ideas and daring plans.

Beležnice, spominske knjige, albumi
Notebooks, memory books, albums

For all those occasions that you mustn't miss, and everything that you mustn't forget. So it's written down in black and white – and in colour!

Products for enthusiasts

Moleskine or Paperblanks. Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. Real enthusiasts well know why.

Spominki in suvenirji
Mementos and souvenirs

For visitors from overseas so they can take a piece of Slovenia with them, including the best tastes: Slovenian coffee, honey, chocolate…

Everything for gift wrapping

Gifts that have been carefully chosen should be beautifully wrapped: wrapping papers, gift bags, gift boxes, ribbon and bows.

Seasonal festive products

Everything for magical Christmas holidays, clownish carnival time or romantic Valentines.

Photos are for information purposes only. Not all items are always available in all outlets. Contact your nearest Mladinska knjiga shop for more information.

Knjigarna Konzorcij
Mladinska knjiga shops

Our shops are a treasure trove of beautiful and useful

For companies

Strenghten your business ties

We offer a wide range of quality business gifts for all occasions. Send us an email to: b2bkupci@mladinska-knjiga.si.





For companies

Personalised gifts

Personalise gifts from our range or let us help you create a totally unique gift. Send us an email to: b2bkupci@mladinska-knjiga.si.