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Notice on the use of cookies

Reference to ‘Mladinska knjiga', is understood in this document as Mladinska knjiga Založba d.d. and Mladinska knjiga Trgovina d.o.o., both companies are headquartered at Slovenska cesti 29, 1000 Ljubljana.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files created by websites during a visit and which download onto your computer, smartphone or other device when visiting a website and are used in a browser. Cookies are fundamental to providing user-friendly online services. The most common e-commerce functions would not be possible without cookies. Interaction between the user and the website is faster and simpler through the use of cookies. Due to the use of cookies, Mladinska knjiga can provide users with relevant and interesting content and provide them with a pleasant user experience. Cookies enable the site to remember a user's preferences and experience, thus saving time, and browsing web pages is more efficient and user-friendly. Saving cookies is fully controlled by a user's browser – users can thus limit or disable cookies if desired. Cookies are not harmful and are always time-limited.


Concrete examples of the use of cookies:

  • for a better user experience, the website adjusts content to users based on past visits
  • in the areas of the website where registration is required, users stay signed in
  • to identify the user's device that allows the content of the device to be customised
  • to monitor visits, which allows the effectiveness of the content to be checked, the suitability of ads, and the continuous improvement of the website
  • they are essential for the operation of certain services (for example, cookies that are part of the system through which the website is created)


Cookies usually include:

  • the name of the server from which the cookie was sent
  • the lifespan of the cookie
  • a value that is usually a randomly generated unique number

Domain cookies are set up with the website's domain in the address bar, the cookies of other sites are from other domain sources that have different elements embedded in the page, such as ads or images. Cookies can be set by the website on which the user is located (own cookies) or a third-party that manages that content on the website that the user looks at (cookies from elsewhere). Cookies can be stored for various lengths of time, i.e. only for the duration of the browsing session, or for a longer period of time. A temporary or session cookie is a cookie that allows Mladinska knjiga to connect a user's actions during a session in the browser. The session in the browser starts when the user opens the browser window, and ends when it closes it. Session cookies are created temporarily and are deleted when a user closes the browser window. Permanent or stored cookies are cookies that remain stored on a user's device. These cookies are activated every time a user visits a website that created this actual cookie.


What cookies does the Mladinska knjiga website use?

  • Essential cookies: These cookies are essential, as they allow you to navigate through the website and use its functions and/or offer the required service. Mladinska knjiga does not need users' permission to use  these cookies, therefore they are permanently installed on the device. They are set when a user performs any interaction with the website.
  • Web analytics cookies: These cookies help Mladinska knjiga understand how users use its web pages. These cookies help Mladinska knjiga improve user experience and help meet users requirements and trends. Mladinska knjiga only uses these cookies if the user agrees to their use.
  • Target cookies or third-party advertising cookies: These cookies are used to deliver ads that are tailored to the user and their interests. They are also used to limit the number of displays of each ad as well as to help measure the performance of the advertising campaign. They are usually installed by advertising networks with the permission of the website manager. They remember that the user has visited the website and this information is forwarded to other organisations such as advertisers. Targeted or advertising cookies are often associated with the functionality of a website that is provided by another organisation. They also include cookies of social networks (Twitter, Facebook or Google).

The table below shows the cookies used by the Mladinska knjiga website:


1. Essential cookies

Service Name of the cookie Length of storage in the browser Description Manager SESS_ 20 days Session cookies, which are part of the Drupal system, are assigned to a user when visiting the website and enable operation of the system. Mladinska knjiga simple_cookie_control 1 year These cookies are used to retain information about settings linked to the use of cookies on the page. Mladinska knjiga mladinska_session Session Session cookies store the identification number of the session Mladinska knjiga Demographics
6 months
10 years
8 months
6 months
The website contains embedded YouTube video content with advanced privacy mode. This method does not install cookies until the user presses the play button. When the user starts playing the video content, YouTube can install a cookie, but the obtained data do not disclose the user's private data. Google SID session These cookies are used for the purpose of monitoring the current progress with the Riddle quiz. Riddle iutk 10 years The cookies installed by Issuu allows users to see interactive publications and track statistics transmitted content. Issuu sclocale 365 days Operation of the SoundCloud plug-in. Soundcloud mc_cid
14 days Operation of MailChimp API plugin. Mailchimp OGPC 2 months This cookie allows Google Maps to run. Google


2. Web analytics cookies

Service Name of the cookie Length of storage in the browser Description Manager _gid 1 day  Web analytics using Google Universal Analytics. This cookie is used to group user behaviour for each user Google _ga 2 years Web analytics using Google Universal Analytics. A cookie used to track visitors. Google Analytics identifies users with a unique identifier called ‘Client ID'. This ID, together with other parameters, is stored in _GA cookie. Google _gat 10 min This cookie is used to control the frequency of requests on Google Analytics to increase the performance of network calls. Google _hjIncludedInSample
1 year
365 days
30 min
Hotjar cookies allow Mladinska knjiga to monitor the interaction and way of using a website. Based on the analysis of this information, Mladinska knjiga can improve the user experience on its website. These cookies help us understand which pages are most interesting and how users navigate through the site. All information obtained by Hotjar cookies are combined and therefore anonymous. If you do not allow the use of these facilities, proper customisation of the website in order to make the best user experience is not possible. HotJar _track 5 years Cookie for monitoring website view statistics. Frodx _interT 5 years Cookie for monitoring website view statistics. Frodx


3. Target cookies or third-party advertising cookies

Service Name of the cookie Length of storage in the browser Description Manager _fbp 30 days Facebook uses such cookies to deliver a type of advertising products, such as real-time offers from third-party advertisers. Facebook spin
365 days
90 days
2 years
5 days
365 days
2 years
5 days
Facebook uses such cookies to deliver a type of advertising products, such as real-time offers from third-party advertisers. Facebook AW-957707363 2 years Cookies for targeted advertising. Google OTZ 1 month Google analytical cookie used for traffic information on the website. Google NID 6 months Google cookie designed for advertising outside of Google websites. Google 1P_JAR 1 month This cookie contains information on how the end user uses the site, and any advertising that the end user may have seen before visiting the said website. Google CONSENT 20 years This cookie contains information on how the end user uses the site, and any advertising that the end user may have seen before visiting the said website. Google RUL 1 year This cookie is used to determine whether the ad on the site was properly displayed. This is done to ensure that marketing campaigns are more effective. Google DSID 1 year This cookie is used to display targeted ads that are important for users online. Based on previous visits to this site, it can display targeted ads. For example, ads on the topic in which a user has previously expressed interest while browsing the Mladinska knjiga website can be displayed online. In addition, these cookies measure the degree of conversion of advertisements presented to users. Google IDE 1 year This cookes is used to register and report on the actions of the user of the website after viewing or clicking on one of an advertiser's ads in order to measure the performance of the ad and to display targeted ads to the user. Google scarab.visitor 1 year This cookie that stores the visitor id which will identify the visitor through sessions. Emarsys cdv 1 year This is the 3rd-party version of scarab.visitor. It stores a server side generated visitor id to identify the same visitors through different sessions. It provides the capability to identify a visitor as a known user even if no identification event has taken place. If this cookie is blocked, the user cannot be identified without an identification event. Emarsys scarab.profile 1 year This cookie stores user profile information, products the user browsed, etc. It also stores performance metrics about our scripts, load times, execution times, and so on after being generated by the first event (go command). The information stored in this cookie is encrypted. This cookie is only present if the xp cookie is blocked. Emarsys xp 1 year This is the 3rd-party version of the first party cookie scarab.profile. It is set from the first party version. It contains user profile data in a serialized, encrypted format. The data is covering events, such as, item view, category view and searches. If this cookie is blocked, the personal recommendation feature for visitors will not be available. Emarsys scarab.mayAdd
Session These are the session cookies that are used for click and add-to-cart tracking. When a user clicks on a recommended item, and there is not enough time to report the click to our server (to avoid blocking the user flow), the click information is stored in a cookie. The next time the script loads in the same browser, these cookies are read and the data is sent to our servers. Emarsys s Session This is a 3rd-party cookie used for similar purposes as scarab.mayAdd and scarab.mayViewed. It stores a server side generated session id for session length identification. If this cookie is blocked, the visitors session lengths are estimated by event timestamps. Emarsys fc 30 minutes Force cohort cookie: It is used for A/B testing. Emarsys


On the website, users can find links to other sites that are not under the management of Mladinska knjiga. In order to respect privacy or the content of these sites, Mladinska knjiga does not take responsibility for the content of these sites or for the privacy of user data, it simply offers visitors links through which they can obtain useful information.

Note: articles published on this website may also occasionally contain content from foreign sites (embedded video). This means that from a technical point of view, when visiting users are provided with content from third parties (e.g. YouTube), which includes users' own ad systems by which users install their own cookies, which are used  for their own purposes, over which Mladinska knjiga has no control.

In the same way, the Facebook, Google+ and Twitter social networks will install cookies on users devices based on whether or not they are logged into their service. The management of their cookies is regulated by the terms of cooperation which users of the website, as users of these networks, accept when registering in these social networks.


Cookie control settings

There are several ways to manage and control a user's cookie settings. By deleting or blocking cookies, the website will not work properly or equally effectively. If a user deletes all the cookies, their preferences will not be saved and they will receive a cookie notification every time they visit this website. Most modern web browsers offer users general information about cookies and allow users to view all the loaded cookies and allow them to delete all or individual cookies, and allow them to block or allow cookies for all websites or individually selected websites. Users can also normally exclude individual advertising cookies of third parties. If a user changes the cookie settings in their web browser, unless they delete or block each cookie separately, the changes apply to all websites that they visit, not only for those websites that are managed by Mladinska knjiga. Cookie information is usually located in the ‘Help' section in web browsers.

You can control and change the cookie settings in your web browser.
For information on cookie settings, select the web browser you are using.

Updated on 9. 6. 2022