About the Group

The central and largest publishing house

75 years in operation. More than 120 million books published that are found in every Slovene home and through which generations have grown up. High quality educational material, supported by modern, interactive paths to knowledge. Magazines that have been inspiring children for decades. 

More than 50 stores throughout Slovenia in which more than a million books are sold per year and which are an indispensable book infrastructure of strategic importance. The most comprehensive range of teaching materials and school supplies in one place. The first and largest Slovenian book club – Svet knjige (World of Books) – and the children's Ciciklub book club. The largest Slovenian online bookshop Emka.si featuring more than 1,100,000 titles, which almost 200,000 people visit each month. An ever increasing number of small, medium and large enterprises, institutions and organisations trust us because we offer top-quality office products at competitive prices and a comprehensive service. The Group is composed of companies in five countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia) and has nearly 800 employees.

The Mladinska Knjiga Publishing House is the controlling company of the Mladinska Knjiga Group, whose activities are: publishing, bookselling, stores with paper, office and school supplies, and printing services.

The remaining companies are: Mladinska knjiga Trgovina, Cankarjeva založba – publishing house and Grafika Soča, Mosaik knjiga Zagreb, Mladinska knjiga Sarajevo, Mladinska knjiga Belgrade, and Mladinska knjiga Skopje.

Božična darila v Mladinski knjigi

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