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A monthly magazine for pre-school children, who grow into readers in their parent's lap. It features attractive, playful activities that prepare children for school.

From 2 years of age

Cici zabavnik

A magazine featuring fun puzzle-based tasks for brain training and entertaining creative workshops for skillful fingers.

From 5 years of age


A legendary magazine for young school children, crammed with imagination, discovery, creativity and reading. Once a reader, always a reader.

From 6 years of age

Božična darila v Mladinski knjigi

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Moj planet, odprta stran, februar 2021
Moj planet, november 2021

Moj planet

A magazine for inquisitive school children with an adventurous spirit, who want to explore the world around them in a fun way.

From 8 years of age

Pil, april
Pil naslovnica maj 2021


An entertaining and educational magazine for growing school children, which can help guide them through puberty and steer them through the turbulent period of growth. 

Igrace in Igre_Celostranski

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A popular free magazine for modern parents, which is a supplement to the Cicido and Ciciban children's magazines.
Free for subscribers to Cicido and Ciciban magazines

From the first stage of pregnancy onwards


Original popular science magazine for curious readers of all ages.

For the whole family