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Toys and games

We don't stop playing as we get older. We get old because we stop playing!

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Play is essential for children, as it enables them to develop in the cognitive, emotional, social and movement fields. For children, learning is playing and, as an activity, it means a lot to them, since toys are their most important aids. Be choosy. Encourage children to play with toys and games that are the best from a psychological, educational, aesthetic, technical and security aspect, and which children simply enjoy!

What shall we play today?

Social games are relaxing and calming, they cheer us up and unite us – whether young or old – so be sure to play a game or two this festive season! Arrange a family board game tournament. Activate your grey matter with mind games – train your attentiveness, memory, planning and tactical thinking. Come along through role play. Playful holidays are the best holidays.

ZA-OTROKE-sestavljanke in druzabne igra
Puzzles and board games

Because the best times are those that we spend playing together. We learn to be persistent, to win and to accept defeat.

ZA-OTROKE-miselne in didakticne
Mind and didactic games

Brains are like muscles – we can strengthen them through exercise and challenges. And it is through play itself that we learn the most.

For outdoors play and sport

Let's turn off our tablets, phones and computers. Let's go outdoors in the fresh air – to move, do sport, and play.

ZA-OTROKE-rocne lutke plisaste igrace
Glove puppets, cuddly toys

Everything for imaginative, fun play, role play, learning social roles, how to behave in various situations…

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Our shops are full of fairytales and nursery rhymes, games and toys.

For companies and institutions

Gift your employees' children a gift too!

Select from our gift catalogue. Children, as well as your employees, will be delighted by the wonderful and quality gifts.





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